In March 1944, a group of men met at Pop's Tavern on Joppa Road and formed the Carney Rod and Gun Club.  On June 29, 1944, Carney Rod and Gun Club became incorporate.  The group met at Pop's, Goetz's Barn and Brownies which is now the Barn.  On September 8, 1947 the first meeting was held in their newly built club room on Hilltop Drive, the same location where the club is now.  The first ten acres were bought for $1,811.  They had only one trap.  In 1966, the club purchased twenty-two more acres.  They sold several acres off (3.3), and we now own twenty-nine acres total.

    Every evening, Saturday and Sunday during the summer of 1968 a group of men worked getting the trap field ready for 5 traps so Carney could start having a registered shoot in 1970.  In addition to the registered shoots, practice shoots, and the winter league shooting, there are two oyster-bull roasts and one crab feast held each year.  The Boumi Gun Club has a meeting at Carney once each month.  The Gun Club sponsors a soft ball team and also holds several Hunter Safety Courses each year.

    Over the years there have been Children's Christmas Parties and a Harvest Feast.  This was mainly wild game donated by members, plus hams and turkeys (for the ones who did not eat anything wild).  The men had granted the ladies permission to form an Auxiliary on January 19, 1954.  In the 80's, the Auxiliary disbanded.  They purchased all of the big equipment in the kitchen. 

    There have been twenty-two presidents over the past fifty years, and only three secretaries.  George Greb was the first secretary, and Robert Klebe and Bill Price were the other two.  Bill Price joined the club in April 1944.  For those who do not know, Bill was our secretary until recently and was so for over the past forty-four years.