October 15, 2017 to February 11, 2018

(Snow Date – February 18, 2018)

No Shoots on 10/29/17 - 12/24/17


Sign Up:  8:00 am                        Shoot Starts:  9:00 am                       Entries Close: 2:00 pm


50 Targets Per Week

(25 - 16 yard & 25 - Handicap)


Program Cost

Targets ………………….. $18.00

Lewis…………………….. $10.00

High Gun Purse….......……. $ 2.00

Perfect 50…………..………$2.00


Juniors - Age 16 and under, shoot free provided they do not play any money!


Earned Yardage:


    High Score                   1  Yard

    2nd High Score              ½ Yard


Trophies & Awards


League High Gun                                                                  Yardage Group Awards

League High Gun Runner-up                          (Beginning Yardage determines Yardage Group)

3rd, 4th and 5th in League                                                  18-20 Yards (1st thru 5th place)

High Lady                                                                         21-22 Yards (1st thru 5th place)

High Lady Runner-up                                                       23-24 Yards (1st thru 5th place)

High Junior                                                                      25-27 Yards (1st thru 5th place)

High Junior Runner-up

High Vet                                                               Awards will be given to those shooters

High Vet Runner-up                                             achieving High 16’s, High Handicap,

High Sr. Vet                                                         50 Straight and 27 Yards.

High Sr. Vet. Runner-up


Participation Awards will be given to Ladies and Juniors who do not win a trophy. 


All League participants will receive a “Carney Winter League Hat”.


ATA rules and regulations shall prevail at all league shoots.   You must make 12 out of 16 shoots to qualify for trophies and banquet.  Handicap yardage starts one yard less than current ATA earned yardage or last year’s Winter League/HOM/Balto. Co.  yardage, whichever is greater.  Yardage reviews will be done after 8 shoots for possible yardage reduction.  More to come on this.  Questions:  Ray Greb 410-668-0608 or Bill Davis 443-790-1303.